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Join us in building the future of telemedicine!

We are OnlineDoctor! A young and fast-growing Swiss Startup. With our innovative telemedicine platform we want to help doctors addressing patients’ concerns. 

In a couple of months, several thousands of international patient cases have been addressed through our platform. Over 150 medical organizations including dermatologist practices, hospital services and pharmacies are persuaded that this platform will make a difference. All patient data and dermatologist feedback we collected provide the foundation for the future development of a revolutionary tool that will serve medical professionals and patients.

Does this sound interesting and purposeful to you? Then don't hesitate to connect with us and check our open vacancies!

Corona and hiring – How does it work?

Don't worry, we can and will do all the interviews remote. You just have to make sure that you have a camera, a microphone and a stable internet connection. 

Our way to success

We are looking for people with a "get stuff done"-mentality. Ownership and a dash of humour help us to achieve our ambitious goals every day. 

Benefits & Goodies

We want to give the best people the best place to work.

  • Cozy offices

    Do you want to work in the heart of Zürich, Hamburg or St. Gallen? This company is for you! We are located close to the main stations for an optimum integration.

  • BYOD

    You know best what you need for your daily work. We support you with a yearly budget for your Apple, Windows or Linux device.

  • Work anywhere

    We support a healthy balance between on-site and remote work. Our office infrastructure is ready to be used from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

  • Flexible working hours

    Nine to five job? Yawn. Diversity also includes early birds and night owls.

  • Diversity

    The best people bring the best mindset. No matter what gender, skin colour, origin, sexual orientation or interests they have.

  • Equal rights

    With us, everyone has a voice with weight. Your impact, ideas and work matters every single day.

The OnlineDoctor values

Five key values. This is what we stand for.

To inspire, you have to stand out. We try to do something that exceeds expectations. We stand for outstanding products and services. We are in love with success and proud of what we do.
Learning culture
Our learning culture makes us more courageous, better, faster and more innovative. Both organisational and individual learning and development are encouraged. Our learning culture requires curiosity, initiative, openness and the willingness to share skills, knowledge and experience.
Performance orientation
We do not want to be complacent and be satisfied with the status quo - we want more. We are here to make a difference and change things. But performance orientation also requires a smart use of our own resources and energy. We are combative, clever, hard-working and fair.
If we stop acting like entrepreneurs, we can immediately start working for a corporate company. Being a co-entrepreneur is a privilege and a responsibility at the same time. There are good phases and difficult phases. There are ups and downs. Sometimes you feel at the top, sometimes at the bottom.
Only by dealing with each other openly can we create a culture of appreciation of different ideas and opinions. Openness to new ideas is fundamental, as we operate in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment.

Our tech stack

Outstanding technologies and tools for an outstanding company. 

Please visit our tech stack on

Our history

Milestones in our history that has made this journey special.

Founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland
MVP Kantonsspital Baden
Go-live with
Founded OnlineDoctor GmbH in Germany
Financing round > 2 Mio
Office in Zürich, Switzerland
Go-live with
More than 300 dermatologists on our platform
Office in Hamburg, Germany
Launch of business app for pharmacies

Locations in Zürich, Hamburg and St. Gallen

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